Beverage:Drink dispenser;Level control;Draft beer

Thanks to specific firmware our products can handle a wider range of products on beverage market

Water softener and purifier

Water coolers

Draft beer

Yogurt, juices and cocktail dispensers

Public dispensers of drinkable water

Level controls at 1 or 2 conductivity probes

Wine cellars

Generic Pre-Mix/Post-Mix


DC3M suitable for the automation of public systems of drinkable water, cocktail machines, drink dispensers (such as milk, yogurt, wine, oil, detergents, etc.)


Main features:

Compact dimensions

Box covering, V0 plastic case, screwless board fixing

 Standard voltage 230 V / 115 V 50/60 HZ (other voltages on request)

Optional switching transformer from 110V to 250V

Possibility of matching with payment coin system and/or payment transponder system

HUD interface via backlight alphanumeric display

Removable connectors to simplify maintenance operations

Supply NCT /PTC probes and conductivity level probes with standard or custom length

Possibility of interfacing GSM modules for data transmission


LC1 series useful to water/drink dispensers
Pump control
Water level control in carbonator via conductivity probe.


Main features:

Compact dimensions

Alternate voltage to avoid the electrolysis phenomenon

Standard voltage 230 V / 115 V 50/60 HZ (other voltages on request)

Custom configurable parameters or editable via dip switch (optional)
Service with one or two level probes
Active buzzer in presence of alarm (optional)
External led for machine state reporting
Faston 6.3×0.8 and/or removable connectors
Supply of conductivity level probes with a standard or custom length

Data sheet

Data sheet LC1_ITA


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